10 Best Desktop Computer for Video Conferencing on Zoom Skype in 2021

Best Desktop Computer for Zoom Video Conferencing
Best Desktop Computer for Zoom Video Conferencing

If you are looking for the best desktop computer for video Zoom conferencing, then you might want to make sure that it includes some distinct features that other desktops lack. You need the features that can support long conference calls and your entire work system. With the pandemic not deciding to cease, everyone has been looking for the best desktops for zoom meetings.

The mood of living has changed in the last few years and we need to adapt quickly to the new ways of earning. Businesses are also transforming their methods and fitting into the new norm. Video conferencing is not an entirely new concept to the world, but it has never been a necessity before. Students and adults alike are spending a majority of their time on zoom meetings and online classes to continue their daily lives in the pandemic. One thing that technology has taught us is that nothing is impossible. Hence the entire world shifted towards online living and earning.

Video calls were once used to only see the loved ones living far away. However, the tables have turned now. Companies like zoom and Skype are on demand. Zoom meetings have become the safest way to interact with people and clients. From online classes to business meetings, every job can be done on zoom alone. This is the reason why, everybody is looking for the best desktop for zoom meetings, a desktop that can support their data as well as long work hours. A good desktop is very essential if you want to kick start your house office.

Certain features should be present in your computer to make it the best desktop computer for video conferencing and zoom meetings. We have collected and made a list of some of the best desktop computers for video conferencing that will keep your work going without any pause and buffer at all.

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1. Acer Aspire C27-962-UA91 AIO Desktop 27″ Full HD

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • It ensures stunning performance with the 10th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 27’’ FHD borderless design provides high visibility and clear display
  • Saves room with its slim and gorgeous design
  • High definition IPS display enhances colors and graphics during video conferences and playing games
  • The narrow bezel provides a great viewing experience to the user and increases screen space

The AspireC-27 is all that you need if you are looking for the best desktop computer for video conferencing. It is a pack of all the key features you need on a desktop. In addition to this, it is also slim, smart, and will look amazing on your desk. The perfect definition of both functional and fashionable, Aspire C-27 comes with the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. Its modern design also features a thin bezel that allows you clear HD display as well as increases performance, connectivity, and entertainment altogether.

If you are looking for a work desktop that can support your endless amount of data, then this desktop might be just for you. The users will never have to fear that the storage might fill up with its spacious storage of 512GB NVMe M.2. It also has up to 32GB BBR4 Ram, what more can we ask for?

The webcam at the top of the desktop has an easily manageable shutter feature. Privacy is the priority in today’s world that is why Aspire C-27 camera is provided with a shutter feature. You can easily shut and open it with your fingers to ensure privacy when your webcam is not in use. Its 27”FHD IPS display brings the virtual world to life with its vibrant colors and display. This feature makes C-27 the best desktop for zoom meetings since video conferring quality needs to be crisp and clear. You can also enjoy the big screen with your friends and family during a movie night with its visual angle of 178°.

Key Specifications:

Processor3.6 GHz core_i5
Memory Speed2666 MHz
Hard Drive512 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Number of USB 2.0 Ports2
Number of USB 3.0 Ports2
Display size27 inches
  • Great visuals with 27’’ FHB IPS display
  • Storage of 32GB DDR4 RAM ensure fast operations
  • Vibrant webcam for video conferencing
  • Saves space
  • High definition IPS display
  • Reliability is average
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2. Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91 AIO Desktop, 23.8″ Full HD

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • Provides unrelenting connectivity with the 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor
  • Has two vision care technology to protect eyes from Blue light exposure
  • Functioning feature of the host ports
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor
  • Blue light shield

Acer Aspire C-24 has all the features that you have been looking for in the best desktop for zoom meetings. It ensures amazing performance, connectivity, and durability with the latest 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. Since you will be working on your desktop for long durations, its two vision care feature also protects your eyes from straining too much. The Acer Blue light Shield also reduces exposure by lowering the blue light level. it’s an ideal product being the best desktop computer for zoom meetings.

It also has plenty of space to store your data with the Ram of 8GB and 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD. You can also maximize the functionality of the Acer C-24 with the host of ports and even add an extra display with an HDMI port. The viewing angle of 178° makes it the best choice for video conferencing and zoom meetings.

Key Specifications:

Processor3.4 GHz Core i3
Memory Speed2666 MHz
Hard Drive512 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Number of USB 3.0 Ports4
Display size23.8 inches
  • Smart and efficient design and built
  • Comes with a solid screen
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Blue light shield reduces blue light exposure
  • Two vision care system prevents eye strain
  • Average speakers
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3. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3, 24″ All-in-One Computer

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • Fast and efficient responsiveness
  • Large storage for work data
  • Ample port selection
  • Powerful disk space
  • HDMI port for increased productivity

If you are looking for a desktop that will accelerate your work process, then this is the one for you. With its 43000U Mobile processor and Radeon Graphics, IdeaCentre AlO 3 is the best desktop computer for video conferencing. It has 4 cores and industry-leading AMD Technology, which is a must if you want a multitasking desktop that is best for zoom meetings and conference calls.

From presentations and client records to movies and books, it can store everything with a powerful disk space of 256GB. The IdeaCentre can store data worth 4000 hours of music and 50000 photos. The solid-state drive enables it to open numerous tabs and run several operations at a time. It also transfers data in a flash and takes no time to load programs.

This desktop provides sufficient ports to plug your peripherals. It comes with USB 3.1 and 2.0 ports as well as three in one card readers and an HDMI port. This means that you can set up another display screen to do several tasks at once. Its amazing speed and performance make it one of the best desktops for zoom meetings and calls.

Key Specifications:

Memory Speed2666 MHz
Hard Drive256GB Flash Memory Solid State
Number of USB 2.0 Ports2
Number of HDMI Ports1
Display size24 inches
  • Has AMD Ryzen 4500 mobile process that has amazing graphics
  • FHD display provides an outstanding visual experience
  • 24 inches screen with 90% screen to body ratio
  • Sufficient amount of ports
  • Transfers large data in a flash
  • Average quality
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4. 2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 5490 All in One Desktop 23.8’’

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • 10th Generation Intel Core i3- 10110U Processor
  •  16GB memory
  • Lush anti touch display with a narrow border and expressive screen of 23.8 inches display
  • 1TB Solid State hard drive
  • 24 inches anti-glare screen and narrow border display

Dell has raised standards with more power, better multitasking abilities, and higher storage of the newest Inspiron 2490 All-in-One desktop. Now you don’t have to worry about slow work and snail speed because this boy works at a speed of 4.2 Hz. It has 256 PCle SSD and 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, which is not too much but it’s not too small either.

The most special feature of this desktop that sets it apart from the competitors is the 24” anti-glare screen with a narrow border. How can we not mention the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution? Also, with the DellCinema, you will experience amazing color contrast and sound quality.

This is the reason why Dell Inspiron is among the best desktop computers for video conferencing. A sufficient number of ports has plenty of space for your peripherals. Overall, it’s a gem for you if you have been searching far and wide for the best desktop for zoom meetings. We don’t see any reason why you would not be satisfied with this modern and form-fitting piece of technology?

Key Specifications:

Processor4.1 GHz core_i5
Hard Drive1 TB SSD
Display size23.8 Inches
  • Premium design and solid build of the desktop makes it reliable
  • The vivid display and true to color contrast of videos makes it the best desktop for zoom meetings and video conferencing
  • A pop-up webcam makes it perfect for video conferencing
  • Great speakers
  • Several ports for maximum productivity and connectivity
  • On a pricly side
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5. Dell Inspiron 7700 AIO, 27-inch FHD Infinity Touch

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 Processor and 27-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Infinity Touch Display
  • A pop-up webcam that ensures privacy
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless technology
  • Space efficient and handy stand that occupies less and performs more
  • HDMI input jack

Been trying to find a desktop that can help you increase home-office productivity and is also multitasking? Then Bell Inspiron 7700 ALO is the most elegant and efficient solution to all your problems. It is really All in One and you won’t even have to set up a different desktop if the workload ever gets heavy. With its HDMI input jack, you can set up another display to save time and effort.

Dell Inspiron 7700 has a design that is worth displaying. And the 11th Generation Intel Core Processor and Space-saving smart stand just add to the efficiency of this desktop. What makes Dell Inspiron 1100 ALO the best desktop for zoom meetings is its pop-up webcam that provides ultimate privacy and security. You can easily connect with the clients and have zoom meetings without any fear at all as one simple push will make the camera disappear into the chassis. Now you don’t have to worry about accidental video calls in your pajamas at all!

Key Specifications:

Processor4.7 GHz core_i7
Memory Speed2666 MHz
Hard Drive256 GB HDD
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Number of 3.0 Ports5
Display size27 Inches

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  • Slick and smart design defines modern
  • Small bezels create more display space
  • Includes HDMI input port
  • Has a bright and vibrant touch screen
  • Pop up web-cam ensures safety
  • You can’t change or adjust volume when in HDMI input mode
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6. HP 24-inch All-in-One Desktop Computer, AMD Athlon Silver

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key Features:

  • AMD Athlon Silver 3050U Dual-Core Processor
  • The internal memory of 8GB
  • 23.9 inches display
  • Mercury-free display backlights
  • Environmental friendly arsenic-free display glass

Now ensure speed as well as quality with HP All in One Desktop computer. It has a fast AMD Athlon silver 3050U Dual-Core Processor that works at a speed of 2.30 Hz. With an internal memory of 8GB and 556 GB PCle NVMe M.2 solid-state hard drive, the fear of running out of space is off the table. Not only this, but this All-in-One desktop is also environmentally conscious. It has mercury-free display backlights and arsenic-free display glass.

23.8’’ display with diagonal widescreen FHD (1920 x 1080 ) sets this desktop aside from the others when it comes to zoom conferencing and online calls. Bigger and better the resolution, the easier the communication. The speakers also add to the performance of the desktop, it has stereo speakers that can pump up the volume during your favorite songs or even a zoom meeting.

The pop-up camera ensures privacy and is enabled only when in use. Overall, the slick and modern design of this desktop with an elegant monitor stand catches the eye and is the perfect definition of stylish.

Key Specifications:

Processor2.3 GHz Athlon
Max Screen Resolution1920 x 1080 Pixels
Hard Drive256 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Number of USB 2.0 Ports2
Number of 3.0 Ports2
Display size23.8 inches
  • Has easy readability because of low halogen and mercury-free display
  • Three sides micro-edge monitor ensures convenience and expediency
  • HD camera and the slide switch is perfect if you want to ensure privacy
  • Efficient space-saving and stylish design
  • Mercury-free display backlight is safe for the environment
  • Whirring sounds are made sometimes
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7. ASUS V272UA-DS501T Vivo AiO 27″ All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • The 27 inches touch screen wide display alongside the ASUS Nanoedge bezels creates more visual space and display
  • Intel Core i5- 8250U process that runs up to the speed of 3.40 GHz
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB HDD Storage
  • Comes with mouse Bluetooth, wired keyboard, and HD webcam
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi

Stop looking for a desktop that has a high-resolution graphic card, because we have the one for you. A graphic card is usually the most significant part of a desktop that makes your calls and video presentations look awesome. This ASUS All-in-One desktop has an Intel UHD Graphic 620 which is powerful enough to run 201 games. The processor is the brain of your outfit and we all are looking for high-frequency runs. It’s an ideal choice like the best budget laptops for video conferencing.

ASUS V272UA- DS501T Vivo AiO All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop runs at the frequency of 1.6 Hz with an Intel core 15-8250U processor. If you are in search of the best desktops for zoom meetings then you might be looking for a desktop with a higher level of RAM. If your system has more memory, it enables you to churn through massive amounts of data quickly and conveniently. However, ASUS All in One desktop has 8GB RAM which is actually quite disappointing.

Key Specifications:

Processor1.6 GHz core_i5
Max Screen Resolution1920×1080 Pixels
Hard Drive1000 GB Mechanical Hard Drive
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Number of USB 3.0 Ports4
Display size27 Inches
  • The amazing resolution and display size is one of the reasons why this is the best desktop for zoom meetings and video conferencing
  • The smart and compact design of the desktop is space-efficient and fits at any corner of any place of your home office
  • The touch screen feature of the display is convenient and helpful for you if you are a graphic designer or any animation creator.
  • Runs at high frequency
  • Churns large amount of data at high speed
  • Average RAM
  • Customers have reported problems with the brightness settings of the webcam
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8. Premium Dell Inspiron 27 7790 All-in-One Desktop Computer, 27″

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • 27’’ display screen is best for you if you looking for a perfect system to run your home office
  • Space efficient modern stand saves space on your desk and makes it easily settable
  • Del cinema and pop up webcam makes video conferencing even easier
  • Vivid pictures and color quality
  • Various color options

Looking for an easy and hassle-free way to set up your home office? Try using a multitasking desktop just like Dell Inspiron 7790. Setting up your home office will become as easy as opening a sealed box and plugging the contents in. Its hardware graphics make it one of the best desktop computers for video conferencing and zoom calls.

The all-in-one system provides enough power to do all the tasks. Now set up your zoom class, online presentations, and zoom meetings with just a few clicks. It is both functional and fashionable with a 10th Gen Intel Core processor and infinity edge display. With an 8mm border, its massive display of 27” will project vivid and true-to-color pictures.

How can we not appreciate the modern and productive setup of the desktop? Space efficient stand, forward-firing soundbar, and the keyboard under the display create less distraction during work and make everything more accessible and connected. Get customizing your workspace with different colors and various stand options.

2020’s Dell Inspiron 7790 is also introducing Bluetooth 5.0. This feature increases the productivity of the system, gives more wireless range, and also ensures a higher rate of data transfer. Control the webcam operation with just a simple push. The IR pop-up camera is easily manageable with just a single push. Work easily and without any fear of accidental video calls.

Key Specifications:

Processor1.6 GHz core_i5
Screen Resolution1920×1080
Hard Drive1 TB Hybrid
Number of USB 2.0 Ports1
Display size  27 Inches  
  • Sleek and monochromatic design is what attracts the buyers towards its display
  • Has retractable webcam that ensures safety
  • Easily accessible keyboard and mouse
  • HDMI input port for increased performance and productivity
  • Dual storage enhances performance and makes it the best desktop computer or video conferencing and zoom meetings
  • It requires an external power brick
  • Optional touch screen
  • You can adjust or customize the height
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9. 2021 Newest Dell 24-inch FHD Non-Touch All-in-One Desktop PC

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Key features:

  • Powerful performance with 11th Gen Intel Core 13-1115G4 Processor
  • 23.3 inches anti-glare non-touch display looks amazing and ensures a great visual experience for the buyers
  • Plenty of ports for your peripherals
  • Vivid display that looks great from almost all the angles
  • 256GB M.2 SSD storage

The Newest Dell FHD Non-Touch desktop is the kind of powerful performance with the Intel i3-115G4 Dual-Core processor that runs at the frequency of 3.0 GHz. Are you looking for a desktop that can serve your entire family or do you want to kick start your home office? Then this desktop is a smart and reliable choice for you. This All-in-One desktop performs better than any usual desktop and also saves space. It uses fewer cables and is easily accessible.

Its FHD 23.8 inches Narrow border non-touch display creates an amazing visual experience for the buyers. Especially if you know that you are going to be looking at and talking to a lot of people through your computer screen, a good and vivid display is a must. This ultra-fine and functional desktop are certainly one of the best desktops for zoom meetings or any kind of video conferencing. With 8GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory and 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD Storage, you have an average amount of space to store your data and work files.

Key Specifications:

Processor3 GHz core_i3
Memory Speed2666 MHz
Hard Drive256 GB SSD
Number of USB 2.0 Ports2
Display size24 Inches
  • Save efficient
  • Uses fewer cables and is more accessible
  • FHD 23.8 inches screen with narrow borders ensures a great visual experience
  • Vivid display
  • Great screen resolution for video calls and games
  • Average storage space
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10. HP 22 All-in-One PC AMD Athlon Gold

best desktop computer for video conferencing
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Key features:

  • 3150U processor with 2.4GHz frequency
  • Slim structural design
  • Faster and better performance with AMD Athlon processor
  • SSD storage of 256GB
  • HP two vision HD camera

HP AMD Athlon Gold is made just for you if you are looking for a desktop that can grow with you. It’s a perfect blend of powerful 3150U processor and slim structural design of the modern display. With this desktop, everything you do will feel faster and better. You can left-handedly tackle any busy day with a reliable and powerful AMD Athlon Gold 3150U Processor. The SSD storage of 256GB can store all of your necessary data.

Whether you watch movies, play games, or run zoom meetings on it, great performance is guaranteed with these boys. Best desktop for zoom meetings with HP True Vision HD camera, dual front-firing speaker, and dual-array microphones. Now work care-free and interact with your colleagues on zoom meetings with an easily manageable pop-up camera that is enabled only when in use.

Key Specifications:

Processor2.4 GHz Athlon
Hard Drive256 GB
Number of USB 3.0 Ports2
Display size  21.5 inches
  • One great thing about this desktop is that it is inexpensive
  • Great performance and fast operations that ensure carefree work
  • Robust speakers
  • Sturdy and stylish built with modern display
  • Offers only 4GB RAM which is quite disappointing
  • Also lacks an SSD
  • awkward headphone and microphone placement
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What to Look For When Buying the Best Desktop Computer for Zoom Video Conferencing

 There are a few highly essential factors you need to check before buying the best desktop computer for video conferencing. Some computers may lack the feature of display resolution to display high-quality images or video processing ability.  Therefore, you must do your homework before you decide on a certain computer.

Since you will use your computer mainly for video conferencing, it must have a high-definition camera, excellent built-in microphones, and amazing speakers. The best desktop for zoom meetings will include fast processors and lots of memory for smooth working operations.

So, what are the requirements for the best computer for online video conferencing? Let’s have a look.

1.Tech Features

Certain tech features in your computer are highly important that can make your life a little less stressful, like external accessories and ports. It also never hurts to check the type of camera your preferred computer has. Various computers feature high-quality webcams and audio devices. Below are some tech features that your computer should have for online video meetings.

  • Camera

Many desktop computers either have an SD or HD camera, but we recommend a computer with Full High Definition (FHD) camera options, so you can have a seamless video meeting experience. The total visual accuracy option may not be the top priority for you, but it is also a convenient way to get the best possible picture result.

  • Ports & audio

You should also make sure your preferred computer has all the connectivity options that are must, including Ethernet, audio inputs, and your preferred USB format. Some display extras also provide excellent comfort options. Check if your chosen computer has anti-glare or low blue light levels. These features offer great flexibility if you work under varying conditions throughout the day.

  • Screen

Do you know about the blue light levels? Well, some of the blue lights emitted by your desktop computer can lead to eye strain. This can cause dryness and eye fatigue, and may even lead to eyesight issues and severe headaches. Desktop computer screens with LBL (stands for Low Blue Light) display filter out the destructive part of the blue light spectrum, which in return reduces the risk of headaches and eye strain.

2.Hardware Specs

The quality of your online video meetings depends heavily on your PC’s hardware. The storage format, RAM, volume options, and the processor can make all the difference when operating video conferencing apps like Skype or Zoom. When buying a desktop, you should always check things comprehensively and be extra careful about specs.

  • RAM

Always remember, RAM is your top priority when shopping for a computer, particularly if you access a variety of software at the same time or spend a lot of your work time on calls. For most users, 16GB RAM is enough to keep all the options running and minimize disruption while simultaneously running different applications. That means you can smoothly use other programs like Docs, Word, or Google during a video conference, without any fear of freezing the call or losing the audio

  • CPU & storage

When you shop, look for a desktop with the latest processor type. To get the best overall video conferencing experience, focus on Intel® i5 options or better. Another thing is storage, which is also very important to get the smooth and most responsive experience.

3. Video Graphic Card

A desktop computer with a sound video card is essential for video conferences, as these meetings can be graphic intensive. Although most online video meeting services are not as graphics-heavy as video games, it is good for the best desktop for zoom meetings to have a sound video card.

Moreover, some computers use their processors as video cards, while others are equipped with separate graphic cards with their processors.

A good video card will offer you higher graphic performance. Today, a PC with a multi-core processor can play videos very well.

The best desktop computer for video conferencing is the one with dedicated video cards. However, you should keep in mind that the computers with good-quality video cards are pricier.

4. Wi-Fi

When it comes to Wi-Fi options, always remember that the latest devices tend to perform more seamlessly, especially if you are running multiple operations during a call or attending several meetings in a day.

If you see that other options don’t fit in your price range, choose a device that is recent to meet your criteria. You can still consider having upgraded Wi-Fi options for some desktops during checkout, but when you are buying the latest PC, you will generally have to worry less about the Wi-Fi.

Some collaboration software like Slack or Microsoft Team has their share of bandwidth but remembers if you have bad connection issues, even the very best hardware cannot win against it.

 If you have bought the best device and still facing connectivity issues, you may need to contact your internet service provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Why a future-proof processor is important for zoom calls?

Desktops with future-proof processors can easily manage application updates, newer enhancements, and plug-in support implemented by Zoom or any other video meeting service. Starting from supporting multi-webcam capabilities to handling AI chat features, a computer equipped with a future-proof processor can effectively manage the changing requirements of video conferencing

Which is the most essential connectivity feature to consider while buying a computer solely for video conferencing?

If you spend most of your work time making video calls to clients or team members, you must look for a Wi-Fi 6 connectivity feature. It is a primary computing factor and highly crucial if you are using your computer mainly for video calls.

Is it necessary to buy a computer with a high-end microphone for conducting video calls?

Although you can always purchase high-end headsets for conferencing sessions, you should buy a computer with at least studio-grade microphones. If you have this on-device functionality, it becomes easy to conduct live conferences or video calls.

Why RAM performance is important for a seamless video calling experience?

RAM performance can greatly impact your video calling experience. Setting the bar high for RAM storage is important for a more streamlined online conferencing experience, including reduced visual errors and enhanced response time.

How much processing power do I need?

The processor of your computer is the heart and brain of your system. It works a lot like an engine that powers all the operations you perform. You need a processor that can support your presentation slides running on one tab while on a zoom call with the client and searching the web at the same time. Intel Core i3 processor works fine for video conferencing. However if you are doing heavy video editing and illustrating, then we would recommend Intel i7 processor.


We are well aware that the world has adjusted to the new norm that is online living. From education to work, everything is relying on technology. Zoom meetings and video conferencing are the new moods of communication and people are investing in good desktop computers for video conferencing so that they can work from their houses without any hurdles. We have compiled a list of the 10 Best Desktop Computer for Video Conferencing on Zoom or Skype.

With the lockdown lifting, people have begun to realize that online work is more time-efficient. That is why a good desktop is a must if you are thinking about setting a home office and want to join online meetings. Good display, speakers, and amazing processors with a high-frequency run are significant if you want to work from home and maintain an easy earning lifestyle. That way you will surely find easy access to the internet era successfully. Is it not? We think yes it is.